What is Clinobrite?

Clinobrite is a specific type of Zeolite mineral exclusively mined in South Africa by Pratley. It's a direct substitute for ordinary pool filter sand/glass and it saves you money by scavenging unwanted ammonia from pool water and thereby reducing your swimming pool chlorine consumption. It is a true 21st century filter medium with both ion exchange and superior micro-filtration properties.
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Why use Clinobrite?

Clinobrite saves you money by reducing the harmful chlorine consumption of your swimming pool. It does this by scavenging chlorine consuming ammonia and ammonia compounds from the water. These unwanted chemicals rapidly use up pool chlorine by reacting with it to produce undesirable, odour causing chloramines.
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Replace your swimming pool's outdated filter sand or glass with a 21st century cationic filter medium.

Pure & Polished Pool Water.

Compare Clinobrite to Ordinary Sand or Glass

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